Еkaterina Kravtsova

In February 2013, Ekaterina Kravtsova a.k.a Kate joined Nafasi. She is our first female residence artist we have received. She strongly believe that art can build bridges where other methods are powerless.  Her work focuses on community , doing research, documentary and multidisciplinary installations to activate social transformation and overcome social barriers. She shared inspirational art documentaries and ideas on community involvement and the role of art to society. On her final exhibition “Interactions”, Video and installation. Kate shared her own views and experience in Dar es Salaam.

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I am an artist who works with communities using video, photography and installations to explore how society shapes personal identity. I am interested in the nature of stereotypes and how they can be destroyed; in balance between public and private, and interpersonal communication. Mostly the heroes of my works are people who don’t have equal rights, who need support and protection. As an artist I want to make my own contribution to the improvement of our society, to activate public for responsible transformation, to try to stop harmful actions like humiliation of the weak, indifference and hypocrisy.—-Ekaterina Kravtsova

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