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Artist Spotlight: Nicholaus Calvin

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This week’s Artist spotlight focuses on our Nafasi artist member Nicholas Calvin.

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Nicholas Calvin M. is a freelance photographer based in Dar es Salaam. Through exposure to books about film, photography and fine arts at the local library in his teenage years he became fascinated by the potential of an image to portray universal human stories.

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Fine arts is one of the subjects he enjoyed in secondary school.Later he studied heritage management at the University of Dar es Salaam. And then worked in two local museums: in Bagamoyo and Mbeya, before starting working fulltime as a freelance photographer. All this has deepened his appreciation for the history and culture of the region. His photography work seeks to share stories and moments in the region.

With his most famous sayings:
“I am who I am, of which I don’t know much of, or rather each day I am discovering more what I am”



You can meet Nicholas and see his beautiful shots in his studio at Nafasi Art Space weekdays 9am-5pm, and Saturday 10am-5pm. Visit Nicholas on all the social medias: flickrInstagram (Nicholascalv), and facebook. Or email us for more information at info@nafasiartspace.org.