Artist Hangouts

At least once per month, Nafasi hosts artist hangouts, which bring together artists from across disciplines to meet and discuss important themes and topics. Nafasi artists use hangouts to present their work and projects, Artists in Residence get to know the Nafasi community and share their work and ideas, and we discuss current exhibitions and events. The hangouts are a platform for artists to present and critique work and exchange ideas, plans, and inspiration with others.

A few highlights from the archives…

10 June Artist Hangout with our new Artist in Residence Mawande Ka Zenzile from Cape Town, South Africa at Nafasi Art Space from 16.00 . We had a wonderful presentation of his artworks, inspirations and later we had another session of questions and answers.IMG_20140610_174447

On 16 May Robert Deveraux came to visit us. The African Art Trust is Robert’s organization and he is one of the supporters of Nafasi. We had joined brunch and were able to have some group and individual talks with him O


Artists Hangout Thursday 17 April 2014 We had an Artist Hangout of music, and drinks and conversation. We had conversation about the new funded residency opportunity for Tanzanian Artists at Nafasi Art Space as well as Artists from outside Tanzania Hangout