Nafasi Art Space is a collective of artists and arts organisations, structured as a membership organisation. The member artists work at Nafasi and take part in events, trainings, workshops, and exchange programs.

Learn more about our artists below!

Nafasi Studio Artist Members

Visual Artists

Nafasi Organisational Members

  • World of Weaving (WoW)
  • MuDa – Dance
  • Music Mayday
  • Ruka
  • Bookstop Sanaa
  • Umoja wa Waendesha Baiskeli (UWABA)
  • Saseni Media
  • ACTO Light

Nafasi General Artist Members

  • Nadir Tharani
  • Delphine Buysse
  • Shaziri Movani
  • Amil Shivji
  • Zakaria Riwa
  • Aika Kirei

If you are interested in becoming a member, please download and submit the studio application form to

Link to application: Studio-Application-Nafasi-Art-Space