In ‘The Forgotten Agenda’

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Elias Eliezar Jengo (b. 1936)
“I create for myself. I do not paint to sell paintings. But I do not have any of my old paintings anymore, as they have all been bought. They are all over the world now. But I don’t create for money. I create for myself, for my family.” … Read More

How did we get here? Art exhibition

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How do our past decisions effect our present realities? how have political systems influenced our current societal context? what is the bridge between who you were and who you are now? Life is a journey;we invite artists to explore the … Read More

Rebirth Exhibition

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November had a beautiful beginning here at Nafasi Art Space as Mac Sawaya, our Artist in residence for August, finally held his long awaited exhibition. The exhibition was called rebirth and at opening time, the bare white walls of Nafasi … Read More

Call for Artists!!!

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In some cultures, a corpse cannot leave the house through the main door in fear that the spirit of the deceased will know how to get back into the house and haunt it. In other cultures, it is a curse … Read More

ACTS OF FAITH….The second half of Sanaa Yetu

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At around the half-way stage of Sanaa Yetu, our Art-reaches, established as way of sharing art and symbolizing Nafasi’s collective spirit, had proved to be the most challenging and fulfilling of all our activities. And the second half our schedule … Read More

ART EVERYWHERE…Sanaa Yetu so far

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“Nafasi Art Space is important for artists and art lovers alike to meet, exchange ideas, and appreciate the beauty and importance of art in our daily lives” –Susan P. Mlawi, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts, and … Read More

Expanding Horizons!

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A 58 years-old Dulla Mnanga comes from a family of artists. His talent to play different traditional instruments was honed by the influences of his two ethnic connections, the Ngindo and Ngoni, representing the tribes of his parents. Dulla can … Read More

Welcome Dullah Wise!

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Nafasi Art Space is proud to welcome one of the most exciting young artists in Tanzania for a month long residency this September. Adullah Omar, aka, Dullah Wise was born and raised in Zanzibar but has spent the last few … Read More

Mahojiano na msanii Lois Patino

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Video sanaa ni aina nyingine ya filamu yenye kuonesha matukio halisi kwa mtazamo wa kisanaa, Pia huhusisha matumizi ya vinyago, michoro, uhariri picha na mifumo mingine ya sanaa katika kuwasilisha ujumbe wake. Lois Patiño ni msanii tokea nchini Hispania aliyefika … Read More

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