Starting in May 2016, we launched a new partnership between Nafasi and Kijiweni Productions, the production company that brought you the wonderful films Shoeshine (2013), Samaki Mchangani (2014), and Aisha (2015).

Tunafurahi kuwatangazia kuanzishwa kwa ushirikiano kati ya Nafasi na Kijiweni Production, Kampuni iliyowahi kuwaletea filamu nzuri: Shoeshine (2013), Samaki Mchangani (2014) pamoja na Aisha (2015).

Filamu Lounge, which was put on with the help of Get Real Training, has had a great run, but now Kijiweni will curate our monthly film programme under the banner of Kijiweni Cinema. You can still expect to see great movies like always, but now with a special focus on independent African cinema.

Filamu Lounge, Ambayo iliratibiwa na Get Real Training, imesitishwa, Kwa sasa Kijiweni wataratibu maonyesho ya filamu ya kila mwezi chini ya Kijiweni Cinema. Endelea kutegemea filamu maridadi kama ilivyo ada, ingawa kwasasa tutazingatia zaidi filamu za Kiafrika.

Screenings take place every second Tuesday of the month in Nafasi’s great hall. The event is free and open to the public!

About Kijiweni Cinema:

Kijiweni Cinema hopes to project moving images that will cater to the ever-growing thirst for socially bound, emotionally driven cinema from the motherland and beyond. Films across the African continent from the past and present (and future for the sci-fi lovers out there) will be screened once a month at Nafasi Art Space, curated by Kijiweni Productions – your local story teller across the street. Cinematic magicians such as Djibril Mambety, Ousmane Sembene and Mahamat Saleh Haroun will now become household names via this new platform. Come, watch, and discuss African cinema!