Wikiendi Live!

Launched at Nafasi in May 2016, Wikiendi Live! is a unique and vibrant live music event dedicated to showcasing traditional African beats and fusion. The platform features artists from around Tanzania and Zanzibar, as well as visiting regional and international artists who bring opportunities for inspiration and exchange.

Wikiendi Live! programmes artists who are willing to break from mainstream expectations by tapping into deep sources of heritage or experimenting with new forms of expression, or do both at the same time.

The platform seeks to develop audiences who are adventurous in their tastes and interested in expanding their musical horizons by being exposed to live music that excites, inspires, and revives enthusiasm for East Africa’s rich musical heritage.

If you are interested to create art with the audience, or if you want to perform during Wikiendi Live!, please contact us with your proposal via e-mail.

Wikiendi Live! is presented in partnership with the Tanzania Heritage Project.

The next edition of Wikiendi Live will be on Saturday, 1 July featuring Zawose Family (TZ), Sali Oyugi (KE), and Mapanya Band (ZNZ).


ChCHIBITE-ZAWOSE-FAMILYibite Zawose Family Chibite (meaning “Let’s Go Together”) was founded by the late Dr. Hukwe Ubi Zawose (1938 – 2003), the legendary singer, multi-instrumentalist master musician who specialized in Wagogo music. The group of now 35 active members, most being close family members who are taught from an early age, continue playing this style of music that has its roots from the Gogo people of the Dodoma region.  The Gogo are famous worldwide for their unique vocal harmonies and instruments including marimba, zeze, irimba and ngoma. What makes Gogo music extra special is the singing which is haunting and captivating – it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the language, the power is in its intensity of feeling.

Sali Oyugi4b068fe8caf9e1772033580387c5c6dd Sali Oyugi is a Singer/Songwriter and Social Activist with a dual heritage from Kenya and Tanzania. As a young girl, Sali cherished her dual cultural heritage and took the time study the traditional rhythms, songs and dances from both the Luo people of Kenya nd
the Zigua people of Tanzania. The result has been the beautiful rhythms and sounds Sali brings forth in her guitar playing and vocals during her performances earning her the title “the voice of East Africa…” – World Rhythm Magazine. One Kenyan daily even called her “…Kenya’s own Miriam Makeba…”- The Standard.

Mapanya picMapanya Band

Mapanya Band is an Afro Fusion, Hip-Hop, Reggae and Bongo-Flava Band hailing from Zanzibar. A diverse group of talented musicians, they sing, compose and perform their own songs that reflect the sounds and feelings of low-income communities, the truth of their own lived experience.