Nafasi organizes exhibitions for artists both on-site and at external venues such as galleries, museums, and cafes.

Exhibitions at Nafasi

Almost 500 meters of gallery space inside and much more outside is available for artists to show their work. We host solo and groups shows from local and international artists. These exhibitions give artists an opportunity to promote their work and educate and increase public awareness for the contemporary visual art scene in Tanzania. Nafasi celebrates cross cultural dialogue and welcomes East African artists to exhibit and stimulate exchange and growth.

exhibitionxArtists who are interested can send in their exhibition proposal (get the application form). The requests will be reviewed by a selection committee consisting of Nafasi artists and management, artists in residence, and two international artists.




Some of Nafasi’s exhibitions over the past few years include:

Date Title Artists
04/05/2013 WOMEN = MEN Vita Malulu, Agneta Segerfeldt, Safina Kimbokota, Miguel Costales
22/06/2013 Bridging the lines Photography
09/11/2013 East African Biennale East African and Residing artists
26/10/2013 Open Studio AIRs Ephrem Solomon and Meshack Owira
25/01/2014 Print workshop exhibition Delphine Buysse/Ephrem Solomon and 8 students
15/02/2014 Toyota Dream Car Drawing competition participants
22/02/2014 Painting exhibition Kwadwo Ani
08/03/2016 AIR open studio Josephina Munoz
15/03/2014 City Life Lute Mwakisopile, Cloud Chatanda, Josephina Munoz, Safina Kimbokota, Atsu and Msia Clark
07/06/2014 and 12/07/2014 WITNESS Goethe travelling Photography exhibition
20/06/2014 Chatanda @ Black Tomato Cloud Chatanda
24/07/2014 Lute @ Black Tomato Lutengano Mwakisopile
26/07/2014 You are an African You must Speak swahili Mawanda Ka Zenzile
8/21/2014 Alphonce and Dickens @ Black Tomato Alphonce Said and Dickens Otieno
8/30/2014 End of Residency Show Wanja Kimani
9/6/2015 Nala
9/12/2014 Art at Coral Beach Salum Kambi
9/18/2014 Jan @ Black Tomato Jan Van Esch
10/7/2014 8 Years of Waiting Cloud Chatanda
10/11/2014 End of Residency Show Kelvin Oduor
10/22/2014 Blindfolded Gadi Ramadhani
10/23/2014 Dorien @ Black Tomato Dorien Plaat
11/18/2014 Tip and the Magician Nadir Tharani
11/20/2014 Thobias @ Black Tomato Thobias Minzi
11/4/2014 In and outside Life Stories Ephrem solomom, Jan van Esch
11/22/2014 Art Rising Boniface Mwangi
11/25/2014 Why is Africa Not United? Taye Balogun, Mutua Matheka
12/4/2014 Lute and Chatanda lutengano Mwakisopile and Cloud Chatanda
12/5/2014 End of Residency Show Rose Mary Ahono
1/22/2015 Miguel @ Black Tomato Miguel Costales
1/24/2016 Cabinet of Curiosity Delphine Buysse, Charlotte, Gadi Ramadhani, Cloud Chatanda, Amani Abeid, Jan van Esch, Vita Malulu, Patrick Imanajana
2/7/2015 Beauty Salons and the Beast Rehema Chachage, Jan van Esch, Amani Abeid, Vita Malulu, Gadai Ramadhani, Delphine Buysse
3/10/2015 Monoprints Gadi Ramadhani
3/13/2015 Art at Coral Beach Lutengano Mwakisopile, Evarist Chikawe
17-19/03/2015 PEKE @ Black Tomato Paul Ndunguru,Vita Malulu, Patrick Imanjama, Stina Holderson and Anne Theresa
4/16/2015 Oasis group exhibition Masoud Kibwana, Dickens Otieno, Alphones Said
4/23/2015 Amani @ Black Tomato Amani Abeid
4/24/2015 End of Residency Show Alex Njoroge
4/26/2015 Mohamed Raza at Swiss Residency Raza Mohamed
5/14/2015 Photography Nicholas Calvin
5/21/2015 Patrick @ Black Tomato Patrick Imanjama
6/16/2015 New Series of Abstract and Semi Abstract Salum Kambi
6/23/2015 24 hours in town, martin @ BT Martin Broomfield
8/13/2015 End of Residency Show Lionel Garang
8/25/2015 Photography Ranjiv J. Kapur
9/15/2015 Context Gravity Experience Nicholus Calvin
9/17/2015 Sentenianls of the Sky Nadir Tharani
9/21/2015 End of Residency Show Joel Lukhovi
9/29/2015 Stealing Candy Jan Van Esch
10/6/2015 Symbolism Paul Ndunguru
10/13/2015 Muda wa Kura na Kuliwa Vita Malulu
10/16/2015 Welcome Home, Food is Ready Umesh Maddanahali
11/1/2015 East African Biennale 2015 Artists
11/19/2015 Out of the Sketchbook, TZ, Uganda and Back Kathryn Jankowski
12/15/2015 Point of Inertia Stacey Abe Gilian
15/01/2016 Street Life, Street Art Lutengano Mwakisopile
13/02/2016 Toyota Dream Car Schools kids DSM & TZ
18/02/2016 The Profound Watcher Florine Domesthene
25/02/2016 Joel and Paul @ Oasis Joel Lukhovi and Paul Nijha
02/03/2106 Nadin Retschke End of resicency Show
13/03/2016 The Last Time I Saw Group exhibition – 9 artists