Olaniyi R. Akindiya

DSC04760 In February till April 2012 we received Akirash from Nigeria, he overwhelmed us with ideas and energy. He used old computer parts and created an impressive exhibition by a Swahili title “Ufahamu” meaning “Insight”, the result of discovery and commentary of what he experienced here in Dar es Salaam.

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Olaniyi R. Akindiya a.k.a Akirash is an interdisciplinary artist born in Lagos, Nigeria. He started university studying bio-chemistry until he heard his calling to art. In 1992 he began to study fine art and applied art at the Institute of Textile Technology Oregun-Lagos State- Nigeria.

After graduating in 1996, He moved to the Republic of Benin. He was hungry for new ideas, diversity, new techniques, to find his own style, and ti meet other artists of the world. He finally settled down in Accra, Ghana in 2001. Since then He have traveled to many countries, taken part in seminars, biennales, artists in residency programs, workshops, and both solo, group exhibitions and grants, many awards to his credit.

An important aspect of his work is ARTWITHAKIRASH, an NGO he found in 2000 in Republic of Benin. Throughout his travels it has grown, contributing to the development of communities, women and children, by encouraging art in public space. He allow the community to take control of the of the creation, with the belief they will take care of whatever comes out of it. Most of the projects incorporates drama and performance to send messages to the community, educate ourselves and to share experiences.

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My work takes the form of psychological discovery, expression, experiment and research. Through the world of creativity, my work inspires discussion and debate without using conventional ink on paper. Mostly it is about moments, time, space, communities and countries. I found myself at a particular moments in time and it addresses social issues that I find on my path.


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