Umoja wa Waendesha Baiskeli (UWABA)

UWABA is an non-governmental organization formed in 2006 based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. UWABA is made up of members who use cycles as their major means of transport in Dar es Salaam. The members are bicyclists, arm-cyclists and people who use tricycles to transport goods. UWABA lobbies for better and safer conditions for cyclists in Dar es Salaam and promotes cycling as a sustainable means of urban transport.

Their goal is to make the city bicycle friendly for everyone. One of the projects currently underway by UWABA is their HPPS-project (Human powered pedal system) which is working to create a system that can be placed on a bicycle in order to generate electricity that can be temporarily stored in a battery, thus making cycling more efficient whilst conserving the environment. They also promote cycle safety education in schools and the community through workshops, and teach bicycle refurbishing and repair skills.