Vita Malulu

Vita Malulu, born 1976 in Mwanza, Tanzania, is a multi disciplinary artist working in the media of painting, sculpture, printmaking, music and dance. He is based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He received his training from the Bagamoyo College of Arts (TASUBA).

Working mostly with oil and acrylic paints on canvas and recycled material to create sculptural installations, Malulu creates work that interrogate challenges and difficulties that face the lower class majority of Tanzanians who are often rendered voiceless. Working in both small and large-scale works, Malulu’s artworks portray scenes concerning social and political commentary on current matters inside and outside of the borders of Tanzania.

Malulu works have been exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions locally and internationally including Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Norway and Sweden. His work has been collected through several galleries in Tanzania, South Africa and Germany. He currently has a working studio space at Nafasi Art Space, Dar es Salaam. He is also a member of the Norsesund Konstvandring in Sweden. Malulu has participated in several international residencies and workshops in Sweden, NKD Norway, Kenya and Uganda.