Walter Simbo

Walter Simbo Urassa commonly known as Walter Simbo  (b. 1982) is a painter. He is originally from Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Walter’s paintings depict scenes of daily life exploring both urban and rural life. He creates both realistic and abstract paintings, usually including bead work in his pieces.

Walter was also the Artist-in-Residence for the month of April 2018 who is basing his art on the theme “Mama na Nyumbani” i.e. Mother and Home. His art takes a diverse look at various roles that a mother plays in her daily life to support and build up her home, whilst challenging us to imagine what homes are without a mother figure.

During his residency Walter prepared for an art exhibition, which addressed his theme through painting and bead-work. His exhibition aims to appreciate mothers, looking at themes around motherhood such as sacrifice, dedication and love.