Annastazia Nyakahoza

Hi! My name is Annastazia and I work at Nafasi as an intern for Business Development and Marketing Department. I’ve a background in Mass Communications from the University of Dar es Salaam with a keen passion in empowering women and young people in the continent and a strong commitment to serve and give back to my community.


I’ve held various roles in industries including public relations, media, arts and culture as well as hospitality.Among my key achievements, include authoring an article titled GBV: An enemy in disguise nominated by Gender Links and presented at Tanzania SADC Gender Protocol Summit and Awards  in front of 100 attendants from across the African continent and beyond, alongside 20 other participants. I focused on the various forms of gender-based violence in Tanzania following the shortcomings and bias found while reporting such cases in the media. Further, women have been known to be perpetuators of such acts which also needed attention as they are expected to be front liners in fight against GBV.

Nafasi Art Space is a safe haven for both artist and non-artist from all walks of life, and who knows you just might awake the creativeness in you!

Karibu Nafasi!