Sabrina Yegela

Hi! My name is Sabrina and I’m the Business Development and Marketing Manager. I am an installation artist with a background in Economics and Studio Art. Before Nafasi I was with CRDB Bank Plc and prior to that I was a special studio art instructor at Dartmouth College. I have a keen interest in the role of the arts in education and social work, for Africa and the Diaspora. I’m also an amateur vegan cook with a passion for health and wellness. I’m here to help Nafasi become a sustainable creative hub with increased self-generated revenue, long-term strategic partnerships with businesses, patrons and donors, and an engaging and appealing public presence, in line with Nafasi’s Strategic (2016-20) plan.

Please don’t hesitate to come to me with any questions, concerns, advice, “What The Health” documentary reviews, and any other topics including:

  • Event/Venue rentals
  • Marketing for personal/Nafasi partnered Art events
  • Rent
  • any other queries