Exhibition | NAWAZA NINI

The exhibition features works from emerging and established artists from Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa & Ireland. Each artist created artwork addressing a particular theme connected to human rights, creating an opportunity for the public to reflect, question, understand, and consider possible solutions to achieving justice for all.

Featuring artworks by:
Paul Ndunguru
Nicolas Chemiat (KE)
Gertude Alex
Lilian Munuo
Aboubakar Moshi
William Misa
Vensa Temu
Ayesha Mukadam (SA)
Imanishimwe Jean D’amour (RW)
Janeth Mbiki
Jackson Fredy
Claire Daly
Alex Max
Mulika Organization

The exhibition took place during 10th December 2021- 31 January 2022 in Nafasi’s main exhibition hall.


Curator’s Note

“You can communicate all you want with someone but if they don’t understand you, it’s silent chaos. You may want society to be inclusive – but there are unspoken rules about how you have to speak and act in order to survive. ”

Improvements in technology and education have helped people to better understand their environment, identity, and culture. But despite the tools of communication being more advanced than ever, helping information to spread easily, controversies over truth and meaning are more complicated than ever.

Nawaza… Who is to blame, our leaders or ourselves? Are we using the right tools of communication? Or it is what it is… everyone is entitled to their own thinking.

The works in this exhibition demonstrate the wide range of thoughts of the artists who created them. They invite people not to make judgements but to ask questions. The artists’ perspectives may contrast with your own, but this is where the conversation can start.

We need to build awareness and respect for one another’s struggles, even when they’re different from our own.

Perhaps we don’t have to agree with everyone in order to understand them.

Ibrahim Mweusi