Imagined Encounters with Bang & Lee: A Collaborative Workshop Open Call

Are you interested in an international collaboration and exchange, working with design, installation, technology, and/or sculpture?

Nafasi Art Space is looking for visual artists and curators to participate in a collaborative workshop and international artistic exchange with Bang & Lee, a South Korean artist collective.

Bang & Lee were scheduled to come to Nafasi Art Space for a residency and exhibition in 2020, however due to the ongoing pandemic they were unable to make it. Though a series of conversations with the artists, curator Kristina Dziedzic Wright, and Nafasi’s curatorial team, a new format for collaboration and exchange has been conceptualized around a series of virtual conversations and experiences that will engage with Bang & Lee’s current project, the Artist Stone, which focuses on DIY ceramic 3D printing.

The participating artists and curators will engage in research and creation over a period of three to four weeks which will culminate in an interactive installation and workshop in the Nafasi gallery.

The exchange will be an exploration of linkages, parallels, and contrasts in Tanzanian and Korean design, patterns, and (visual) cultures, providing an opportunity to excavate hidden historical and contemporary symbols, concepts, and systems that have informed both African and Asian societies. At the same time, this exchange seeks to examine what intercultural exchange can look like when international travel is not possible, and instead virtual technologies and human impulses must meet to cross the distances between us.

Through these real and imagined encounters — despite dropped calls, power cuts, delayed shipments — can we forge meaningful connections and expressions that bring us together?

To Apply:

Please send your bio, CV/resume, and a one-page maximum letter of motivation to by 6 March 2021. In your letter, please include examples of the patterns and designs that you associate with your culture, either historically or in the present, and the artistic or curatorial approach you would take to developing des igns for this project.

Selected participants will be announced on 8 March and the first session of the project will be on 10 March. The artists and curators will meet weekly from then until the exhibition opening on 3 April.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the email address above.

About the Artists

Bang & Lee are an artist duo based in Seoul, South Korea, who understand the arts to be an innovative way to learn about the world and each other. For more than fifteen years, they have been working as a collective with a range of new media, immersive space and site-specific projects in South Korea and internationally. They have considerable experience in a wide variety of different projects for various venues including large-scale media art installations, research-based experiments, site-specific social plays and commissions for heritage sites. Their projects involve assemblage, interactive light sculpture, tangible instruments, computer-generated montage, and stage technology toward an immersive media incorporating various historical references, fictions, and emerging notions of media with emphasis on their particular interpretation of collaboration and friendship.

Bang & Lee’s approach is focused around the discovery in making, providing opportunities for viewers to explore their own experiences and thoughts in their own way through participating in processes in the installation space. For the artists, art projects are dialogues, the conversations in which they share ideas and lives and create collaboratively.

Their works have been exhibited at Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Germany, MAXXI Rome, Italy, La Friche Belle de Mai Marseilles, France, MoCA Shanghai, China, Nam June Paik Art Center Yongin, Korea, Seoul Museum of Art, Arko Art Center, Art Center Nabi, Alternative Space Loop, Total Museum of Art Seoul, Korea.

This international collaboration is supported by Korea Foundation in partnership residency with Nafasi Art Space