Nafasi Art Space is recruiting a Deputy Director. The selected candidate will serve three months (Oct – Dec 2022) in a probationary period as Deputy Director, under the supervision of the outgoing MD to ensure a smooth transition, and then will take over as Managing Director from 1 January 2023, pending a performance review by the Board of Directors.

Overall Duties & Responsibilities

During the probationary/training period, the Deputy Director will be taking over the duties and responsibilities of the outgoing Managing Director in a phased approach, while developing their own plan and approach toward the implementation of the 2021-26 Strategic Plan.

The Deputy Director cum MD will be responsible for the overall execution and management of Nafasi Art Space, with specific reference to the 2021-26 Strategic Plan and Results Framework for Core Donor Contracts, in accordance with the organisation’s values, vision, and mission. The role includes developing and overseeing the artistic and programmatic direction of the organisation.
Specific job duties will include:

Overall Management
The Managing Director is responsible for the overall management and supervision of Nafasi staff, programmes, finances, and premises, directly answering to the Board of Directors and ensuring adherence to the values of the organisation.
Funding and Financial Management
The Managing Director is responsible for ensuring funds are received to cover the running cost of the space and its programs. This will include writing and/or overseeing the writing of funding and sponsorship proposals.
The MD is responsible for developing a business strategy approach for Nafasi, in line with the strategic plan. The MD will be committed to further develop Nafasi’s artistic reach across Tanzania and abroad, and ensure a growing financially independent institution. This includes a comprehensive market understanding for the arts in Tanzania and Africa, tackling customers, artists & users’ needs & expectations.
The Managing Director is responsible for overseeing the budget, including income and expenditure of Nafasi, with support from the Finance Manager, and reviewing monthly reports and reconciliations to ensure strong financial efficiency, as well as three-monthly representation of the financial statements to the board of directors
Major goal:
1. Increase income from non-donor sources by 20% annually.
– Donor Relations
The Managing Director is in charge of all contact with donors and sponsors regarding support requests and reporting on programs and progress, due on time and in agreement with the contracts with the donors and sponsors of Nafasi
1. Maintain core funding arrangements with major donors and funders
2. Monitor the funding landscape and apply for all relevant calls for proposals, secure at least
two projects per year
Strategic and Program planning
The Managing Director is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the strategic plan, including the comprehensive program planning for Nafasi’s activities, and presenting the plans to the Board of Directors and the artist members
The director will set the lines, guide and work closely with the department managers on defining the artistic programming of the space, including exhibitions, films, performances and public events and delegates to the specific program and artistic officers
1. Ensure artistic excellence in the programming of Nafasi Art Space, with both local relevance and international reach.
2. Establish artistic research and documentation as another key competency of Nafasi Art Space.

Premises & venue management
The MD is responsible for the maintenance and improvements of the premises to ensure for artists, users and customers a safe, welcoming and clean environment.
The MD is in charge of developing and implementing a sustainable development strategy for the space.
1. Acquire permanent space for Nafasi
2. Ensure ongoing infrastructural development able to support the activities and programmes of the space (including Arts Reference Library, studios for artists, Digital Lab, Film Hub, Recording Studios, Galleries and Exhibition halls, etc.

-Human Resources
The Managing Director is responsible for ensuring that the organization is staffed properly. The Managing Director is responsible for the direct recruitment, hiring and supervision of the Management Team, as well as ensuring the Management Team ensures delivery of their programmes and activities with the support of fully-staffed departments.
The MD will try to implement an empowering management strategy in order to allow the management team to grow in competencies and responsibilities.

1. Ensure a strong Finance and Human Resources Department that is robust and well-staffed at all times.
2. To ensure at least ten cultural professionals are trained and go on to establish or run arts initiatives and spaces in all major regions in Tanzania
3. 50 students will graduate with certificates from the Nafasi Academy

– Partnerships
Initiating and formalizing local, regional and international partnerships
In line with the strategic plan, Nafasi is committed to promote Tanzanian arts and artists across Tanzania and abroad. In this regards, the MD will be developing partnerships locally, regionally and internationally to better serve the artists and the communities.
1. Create a Nafasi Network of artists, curators, and cultural workers in Tanzania in order to link artists with opportunities, that includes a directory, programming, space, and other benefits
2. Provide approximately $50,000-100,000 per year in arts funding to smaller arts organisations and independent arts practitioners each year, with at least 20% of them outside of Dar es Salaam
3. Establish at least one strong, lasting partnership in every region of Tanzania
4. Build relationships with international galleries and museums that result in opportunities for
Tanzanian artists to showcase their work globally

– Monitoring & evaluation
The Managing Director is responsible for ensuring that the Monitoring and Evaluation function of the organisation is sufficient to measure the impact and results of Nafasi’s programmes, and that these results are communicated to internal and external stakeholders in a timely and professional manner.
1. One major publication, every two years documenting approaches to sustainability, resilience, and organisational learning and growth.
2. Improve the Monitoring and Evaluation of the organisation and for arts initiatives in Tanzania more broadly. Create and share blueprints and best practices for others who would like to establish or grow independent art centres in other regions of Tanzania

– Advocacy and Policy
The Managing Director is responsible for leading the organisation’s efforts in influencing arts and culture policy in programmes, meetings, and other activities with public and government stakeholders, including the National Arts Council, Film Board, COSOTA, and Ministry of Arts, Culture and Sports, among others.
1. Achieve demonstrable positive impact on cultural policy in Tanzania
2. Maintain strong relationships with personnel from all key art regulatory institutions
3. Participate in joint advocacy actions around the arts sector annually

4. Offer Nafasi’s space, facilities and other resources to artists’ groups to enable joint advocacy

– Communications, Marketing and Public Relations
The Managing Director approves the plan for the communication, marketing and PR programming for
Nafasi and delegates to the specific program and artistic officers/managers
The Managing Director ensures that the Marketing and PR function of the organisation is strong, ensuring consistent branding, visibility, and public relations through the media and Nafasi’s own communications channels. The Managing Director will often be called upon to represent the organisation publicly
1. Produce and/or organize an event or exhibition in every major region of Tanzania.
2. Improve Nafasi’s in-house content creation and media production capacities, resulting in
podcasts, web series, documentaries, etc that can be licensed to third parties.Improved
digital infrastructure to ensure Nafasi’s archive is not at risk
3. Host a meeting of international arts and cultural delegates at least two times

– Governance
The Managing Director plans the quarterly board meetings and yearly annual general meeting.
The Managing Director supports the Board of Directors to ensure Board Member nominees are recruited, and new Board Members are oriented and trained
Other duties may be performed, if need arises, with approval of the Nafasi Board of Directors
1. Ensure the organisation of four board meetings per year with timely submission of board papers
2. Ensure efficient and effective execution of Annual General Meeting and seek all relevant approvals from members
3. Ensure organisational compliance to relevant legal requirements around registration and licensing, funding and finances, tax, human resources and labour law and healthy and safety requirements.
– Interest and knowledge of the cultural art scene in Tanzania and internationally (existing network is a plus) with a strong vision for the future of the Tanzanian art ecosystem
– Previous experience of at least 8 years experience in the arts and culture sector, with at least 4 of those in a managerial position.
– Minimum Bachelor’s degree in a related/relevant field
– Interest in empowering people in your team and working collaboratively
– Proven capacity to manage funds and raise money
– Strong interpersonal communication skills and ability to work with people from diverse
backgrounds and experiences
– Entrepreneurial experience and mindset is a plus
– Fluent kiSwahili and English speaking and writing

– Tanzanian national preferred, with legal rights to live and work in Tanzania
Start Date as Deputy Director: 1 October 2022
Probationary Period: 3 months
Effective start date as Managing Director: 1 January 2023
Contract Term: 2 years with potential for renewal
Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with some local, regional and international travel required Remuneration: Based on skills and experience in line with Nafasi’s salary structure.
Reporting Line: Reports directly to the Board of Directors
Key Interfaces: Oversees the Management Team of Nafasi Art Space, including Finance Manager, Marketing and Operations Manager, and Programme/Departmental Managers. Works directly with Artists, Curators, Partner Organisations, and Donors.