Knowledge Exhange | Nafasi Art Space

Knowledge Exchange with Modzi Arts Zambia and Artshub Zimbabwe

This past week Nafasi was very honored to host Modzi Arts from Zambia and ArtsHub from Zimbabwe as part of a Knowledge Exchange project within regional arts spaces. On Wednesday the Nafasi team prepared an official welcome presentation about Nafasi’s art programs. Then on Thursday the teams from Modzi and Artshub to us about the challenges and opportunities they face running their own artist spaces during a special Artist Hangout. Our artist-in-residence Walter Simbo and some of our artist members were in attendance and were able to drive a good discussion about the opportunities and challenges artists in the SADC region have, and to discuss possible future partnerships.

The teams also stayed through the weekend got to experience the 2018 Haba na Haba Festival.

Karibu Tena Modzi and Artshub.

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!