Meet the 2022/2023 Feel Free Grantees

Nafasi is pleased to announce the selected grantees under the FEEL FREE grant and incubation programme 2022 cohort. With support from the Embassy of Switzerland in Tanzania and the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Nafasi Art Space will get an opportunity to work with 4 selected grantees providing them with funds and mentorship so as to implement their unique and  creative projects that benefit Tanzanian artists and audiences alike.


Meet the Grantees 

  1. Rehema Chachage

Rehema Chachage is a visual artist, curator, and researcher, she is interested in observing the power that ‘togetherness’ can have in establishing conducive spaces from where to create and/or recreate identities, to sharpen agency, and to preserve a sense of rootedness and belonging.

Project name: Kijumba na kuta za kupitia

Project location: Dar es salaam

Media: Multimedia

    2. Uswazi Born Talent (UBT )

Uswazi Born Talent is an NGO founded in 2018 by MASUDI BASHIRI KANDORO “MANAGER KANDORO” who is Tanzanian traditional music fanatic. The founder’s vision was to create a platform that would help unearth, nurture and develop young talent from the street as a way   to preserve and promote our culture and the heritage of our ancestors through the arts.

Project name: Sauti za Kumoyo

Project location: Dar es Salaam, Mtwara, Dodoma & Pwani

Media: Performing arts

   3. Gadi Ramadhani

Gadi Ramadhani, is a visual artist, arts educator, and independent curator with a background in printmaking. He is the Founder and Studio Lead of KokoTEN | Studio, a multi-purpose space to develop art in Tanzania vis-à-vis the world through printmaking, particularly the Global South. Gadi’s work explores contemporary issues, including consumer culture and society, and ranges from intimate gallery pieces to large outdoor public installations. Through arts education and mentoring, Gadi has engaged with and supported a multi-vocal artistic community locally and globally.

Project name: Proof Studio

Project location: Dodoma,Kigoma & Dar es salaam

Media: Printmaking

   4. Cultural Art Center of Tumaini University Makumira (CAC)

The Cultural Arts Centre (CAC) mission is to provide “a safe place for learning, creating, doing, and sharing the arts. With Feel Free grant they present Naweza (”I Can”) which is a project utilizing professional traditional dancers and trained teachers to provide opportunities for students with disabilities to experience and perform traditional dance, improve teachers’ and trainers’ knowledge to better identify and  cultivate talents among students with disabilities through planned cultural activities, and document lessons learnt and best practices for future replication.

Project name: Naweza ( Yes I can)

Project location: Arusha

Media: Multidisciplinary

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Karibu Nafasi Art Space.


The 2022/23 Feel free grantees are supported by a grant from Feel Free grant program. This fund is being implemented by Nafasi Art Space with the support from The Embassy of Switzerland in Tanzania and The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Tanzania