Research and photography can shape society, ignite conversations, and provoke critical thinking. Nafasi Art Space is excited to welcome photographer Roger Mokbel from Lebanon and researcher Sabelo Mcinziba from South Africa to their residency program this June.

Roger Mokbel is a self-taught Lebanese photographer who uses his visually stunning works to highlight social and environmental issues. He delves into the intersection between personal and collective experiences, using human psychology to address society’s most pressing concerns. His award-winning projects have been exhibited globally and received praise. Don’t miss his two photography workshops on June 15th and 28th 2023, as well as the open studio on June 23rd, 2023.

Sabelo Mcinziba researches humanity throughout history with an interdisciplinary approach. He explores topics like power, violence, trauma, and identity to re-humanize those who have been dehumanized. Join him during his talk with the Nafasi Academy for Module 3 Research and Development , where he will discuss and share his knowledge on the interconnections between art, artist, and the society.

Artist residency is a program undertaken by Nafasi Art Space where local and overseas artist(s) are offered a space to create, connect and collaborate with fellow artists within Dar es Salaam. The residency includes artist hangouts where the artist gets to be introduced to the Nafasi community, and during the residency the artist(s) gets to participate in workshops and finally showcase their work through an exhibition or performance  at the end of the residency.