Google Arts & Culture Contemporary Art Project Goes Live!

Google Arts & Culture, previously called the Google Art Project was launched in 2011 to create a free online platform where the public can view good quality images of artworks housed by the museums of the project’s partners. The platform allows its users to virtually tour partner museums’ galleries, explore physical and contextual information about artworks, and compile their own virtual collection.

The initiative reached out to Nafasi Art Space to partner in their “What is Contemporary Art?” project inviting audiences to challenge the concept of art itself and to “explore the art of our recent past, present and future”. Nafasi Art Space is of course, very excited to be a partner in this initiative and would like to invite you all to scroll through our collection (some examples below)!

Feel free to also navigate through all pages of the project itself, which explains to a broader audience what is, where is made, how is done, who is creating and, most importantly, why contemporary art is so relevant.