New Shapes Zine and Exhibition Booklet – ONLINE RELEASE!

Taking place during Oct – Dec 2021, the New Shapes thematic residency and lab brought together cultural practitioners interested in deepening artistic approaches through socially engaged research practice. A new endeavor for the Nafasi Academy, New Shapes was also an exploration of experimental formats for artistic development and education in the Tanzanian context.

The programme was inspired by Khalil Gibran’s declaration that “Art arises when the secret vision of the artist and the manifestation of nature agree to find new shapes.” During the residency, we sought new perspectives on what is most instructive and urgent in the interactions and relationship between people and the natural world – working at multiple levels, including the personal, historical, economic, and ecological. Our aim was to explore ideas of reciprocity that might be able to exist outside of frameworks of commodification and exploitation.

This booklet details the journey, ideas, and expressions generated within this conversation. It is offered with sincere gratitude to all the participating artists, our partners and our donors.

The exhibition was curated by Jesse Gerard Mpango with Rhoda Kambenga.

Featured artists were:

Liberatha Alibalio

Baraka Leo

Walt Mzengi Corey

Ibrahim Mweusi

Haika Gilliard with Nicholas Calvin

Rebecca Mzengi Corey

Gano Artist

Jennifer Msekwa

Mohammedmzee Mwinyiamani

James Choga

To access the booklet, click the image below: