Where do you go when you go quiet?

There’s only ONE day to go until Nafasi opens its Silence Exhibition and the team is hard at work on the finishing touches .Curated by Nafasi’s own Valerie Amani, this unique collaboration will see 18 artists of various mediums take on this single, illusive theme.

Expect floating installations, dolls, films,realist and abstract paintings, poetry, sculpture, photography, needlework, from a list of artists that includes Rams King, Lute Mwakisopile, Bhavina, Masoud Kibwana, Luena Winifred, Sabrina Yegela, Gadhi Ramadhani, Rebecca Corey, Aisaa and more.

Join us tommorrow at 6.30pm, when the doors of Silence will finally open. And stay for SHEREKEA SANAA where we will be celebrating the arts with music, dance, and good times.

Nafasi ❤s You.