Juma Rajab

Juma Rajab, born January 1978 in Tabora Tanzania, is a sound engineer and voice actor currently based at Nafasi Art Space. He began his career as a rapper in Dar-es-Salaam before being mentored by DJ Boni Love, owner of Studio Mawingu. In 2002, Rajab eventually became managed by the studio as a musical artist, before choosing to focus and train in sound engineering and music production. He then went on to work as a sound engineer at NFDI Tanzania, an NGO-owned music studio until 2016.

He has worked with various Tanzanian rappers, such as Juma Nature, Mwana FA. and Mr. Nice, as well as local gospel musicians such as David Robert. He was also involved in the audio engineering of well-received Tanzanian TV programme, Siri ya Mtungi, which ran in 2013.

As a voice actor, he has lent his talent towards a number of radio jingles and sports as well as documentaries produced in Tanzania.