Masoud Kibwana

Masoud Kibwana, born 1988, is a painter from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Kibwana received training as an artist from the Dar Youth Art (DYA) Vocational Training Center and worked under the mentorship of renowned Tanzanian painter, Max Kamundi.

Through a seamless blend of cubism and African figurative paintings on abstract backdrops, Kibwana’s paintings on canvas capture the beauty, culture and traditions of the East African people. His meticulous attention to detail gives life and depth to the subjects in his work. Incorporated in his art are the intricate tribal patterns that can still be seen tattooed into the faces of the Makonde people of Tanzania and Mozambique.

His work is characterised by movement, intertwining of subjects and colour combinations not immediately identified as African.  The detailed 3D applications along the edges of the paintings, usually with white detail, give his paintings an interesting aspect. Kibwana hopes his work brings to light a dialogue regarding the challenges that have hampered development and sustainability in the Tanzanian community.

Kibwana has exhibited his work both locally and internationally. He has shown his work in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Taiwan, China and Italy. Kibwana’s work is in the collection of The Silesian Museum in Opava in Czech Republic. He has a working studio at Nafasi Art Space in Dar Es Salaam.