Robino Ntila

Robino Ntila (born 1953 – died 21 May 2020) was a visual artist, curator and art critic from Ndanda, Tanzania. He was best known as a printmaker, with delicate and detailed etchings ranging from realism to abstraction, mixing cubism with African silhouettes, often to depict both traditional and contemporary East African life.

Robino began painting in 1975. He was for many years the chief coordinator at Nyumba ya Sanaa, the famed artists’ association founded by Sister Jean Pruitt. During his time at Nyumba ya Sanaa, he worked with many techniques, including painting, batik, etched engravings on copper plates, tie dye, charcoal, art on goatskin and wood cuts. He also worked with artists such as George Lilanga and Augustine Malaba.

Robino conducted many artistic workshops in Africa, curated exhibitions, and traveled around the world for workshops, exhibitions and residencies. He exhibited his work in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Botswana, the USA, Austria, India, Germany, France, Finland, Russia and Switzerland. Most recently, in October 2019, Robino curated the Legendary Artists of Tanzania” exhibition at Nairobi Gallery in Kenya.


  • Medium: Painter
  • Instagram: @robinontila
  • Facebook: @robino.ntila