WACHATA CREW (WCT) is an artistic, empowering, trend-setting underground urban Hip Hop and Graffiti Artist group based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania of members Mejah Mbuya as the marketing personnel, “Local Fanatics” Mwila Khamsini as the senior designer for commissioned work, Kalasinga as the distribution officer, and “Meddy” Ahmed Mohamed heading the procurement sector.

Founded in 2007, WCT stands for Wachata, which is taken from the English word, ‘Charter’. But Wachata is also a Swahili slang term for ‘Graffiti’ derived from the “storeaways” who from their experiences in the Western world inspired and pioneered the charcoal tagging style in Tanzania back in the day. It was so popular that every time one did a tag or a piece, people would refer to it as ‘chata’. To honor the pioneers WCT called themselves: WACHATA (‘Wa’ in Kiswahili means ‘Us’ in plural terms).

Each member of the group has solo projects of their own but together the group has worked on commissions and public outreach programs with various organisations such as Tanzania Broadcasting Company, Azam Media, Twaweza, the British Council, Clouds Media, EATV, Global Platform and VODACOM just to mention a few.

  • Medium: Graffiti
  • Facebook: @wctcrew