WOW | World of Weaving

World of Weaving “WOW” is a social enterprise based in Tanzania that began in 2013. Their mission is to improve the economic, social and cultural well being of women weavers by giving them training in contemporary home textile designs and connecting their products to the global market place.

WOW works with the Ifakara Women Weavers Association (IWWA) located in Ifakara town in Morogoro region and the Samara women group in Dar es Salaam. Through training, WOW has helped these groups to modernise and diversify their collections resulting in higher sales and a more sustainable income. The women work on traditional handlooms that require no electricity and have low maintenance costs. Most of the women have a loom conveniently located in their home where they can share their time between family, household chores and weaving.

WORLD OF WEAVING ‘WOW’ produces high quality hand-woven products straight from the handloom. The company uses cotton grown in Tanzania and integrates natural fibers and other local fabrics into its designs. Each product is handmade and therefore unique. ‘WOW’s collection consists of throws, cushion covers, scarves and a range of bags. They also offer the possibility to develop customized designs. WOW works according to Fair Trade principles.