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SANAA YETU: Miaka 10 ya Nafasi


“Life is short, but art endures.”

In 2008 a small group of Tanzanian artists got together and dreamt up a platform for contemporary art in Tanzania. With support from The Danish Embassy, a space was located, six studios where constructed and Nafasi Art Space was born. Since then Nafasi has built from the ground-up a thriving artistic ecosystem of 37 studios, exhibition and performance spaces, artworks, meeting and learning opportunities, and has become Tanzania’s leading contemporary art center –inspiring and supporting artists in Tanzania while giving audiences and art lovers a place to experience and appreciate arts and culture, in Dar es Salaam.

True to its name which means opportunity or chance in Swahili, Nafasi creates vital space and opportunity for artists in Tanzania to create challenging, important work that has a transformative effect in society to professionalize their practice through training and capacity building, to connect and exchange with other artists, and to present their work to the public. Nafasi offers regular art programs including regional and international artist residencies, workshops, trainings, art talks, internships, and public events such as exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, festivals, and public art fairs.

This September, Nafasi Art Space celebrates 10 years of shaping the contemporary art scene in Tanzania with a special programming of events, workshops and outreach projects. The month will open with the “Taboo” exhibition exploring Pan-African rituals, and will be followed by a Press conference, a Launch party with live painting and performance, a Fundraising Gala with an art auction, a Hospital visit, a Jukwa la Sanaa session with BASATA, a Panel discussion at the University of Dar es Salaam, Public School workshops, a Beach day festival and cleanup, Graffiti Live at Morocco bus stand, then end on a high note with an evening concert at Nafasi’s own venue. (Below is a detailed event schedule).

Nafasi Art Space has grown from a small, unknown space with only a few artists, to one of the most active and exciting cultural centers in Tanzania. September is an opportunity for Nafasi to celebrate the strides contemporary art has taken these past 10 years in Tanzania, to give thanks to donors and supporters, and to bring the community together in building the next generation of artists and art enthusiasts.

These events will be free and open to the public, but donations will be encouraged. People of all ages, backgrounds and interests are welcomed.

Thank you for your support!


Date                       Time                     Event

10th Sept 2018              4-5pm                          Press conference

12th Sept 2018              4-7pm                          LAUNCH w/Live painting & performance

TBC                                 5-7pm                          Cocktail event w/ art auction

15th Sept 2018             10am-12noon              Hospital visit

17th Sept 2018              11am-1pm                  Jukwa La Sanaa session w/ BASATA

20th Sept 2018             3-5pm                          Panel discussion w/ UDSM

22nd Sept 2018            8-11am                        Beach day festival and cleanup

26th Sept 2018             10am-12noon              Public School Workshops

28th Sept 2018             11am-5pm                  Graffiti Live at Morocco bus stand

29th Sept 2018             5pm-Late                     Fundraising Gala and Public Concert