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SHEREKEA SANAA, a special evening celebrating culture

Saturday, 2nd of June was another fantastic night of art and music at Nafasi Art Space as we hosted SHEREKEA SANAA, a special evening of celebrating culture done in partnership with Nordic week celebrations.

In our main hall we hosted the Silence Exhibition, which featured 18 artists exploring, experimenting and sharing ideas on this single,  illusive theme. The exhibition featured needlework, balloon installations, realist and abstract painting, fashion, film and poetry from established artists such as Masoud Kibwana, Lute Mwakisopile, Rams King and up and comers such as Bhavina and Sabrina Yegela. The hall filled as soon as doors opened and a large, curious crowd spent time debating, interacting and contemplating the work while a few of the bravest managed to snap a few selfies alongside the artists.

At around 8 pm the crowd then moved to the Nafasi stage as performances began. Up first Nordly’s, a renowned choir from Denmark, who serenaded the audience with interesting mix of original songs and covers. They were followed by two electric dance performances by Muda Africa Dance and Nantea Dance that drew applause, gasps and laughter from the crowd before Grace Matata took the stage and had everyone on their feet singing along to all her hits.

It was another beautiful night. A big thanks to the artists, performers and creators who made SHEREKEA SANAA happen. And a BIG thank you to all those came out and celebrated with us. Nafasi ❤s You.