Tukutane Nafasi: Imagined Encounters

We’re excited to invite you to our next edition of Tukutane Nafasi this Saturday, 3 April @ 6pm for the official exhibition opening of IMAGINED ENCOUNTERS, featuring work by South Korean contemporary art collective BANG & LEE and 9 artists, … Read More

Stories Women Tell workshop

Inviting all visual & performing female artists on a collaborative plaster sculpture workshop with artist in residence Mwamba Chikwemba from Modzi Art, Zambia This workshop will aim at combining collaborative art making skills and ideas on the art of plaster … Read More


“Tukutane Dar” – an Arts Weekend – will aim to examine in what ways and in what spaces art brings people together… and how. From 19-21 November 2020 we will gather ✨Workshops ✨Masterclasses ✨Open Studios ✨Art Tours ✨Art Talks ✨Screenings … Read More

Meeting Points an event

What is the responsibility of the artist? How does art function in the public sphere? These are the questions we are asking ourselves @ Nafasi — and we invite you to join us in this artistic dialogue for MEETING POINTS … Read More

Walls Can Talk

On Friday CHAP CHAP returns with Graffiti Workshop which will be led by Mejah Mbuya. Inviting everyone to join us and learn in depth about graffiti and then later followed by the main event MEETING POINTS a dialogue about art … Read More

Tukutane Nafasi Launch of 3G

Tukutane Nafasi Jumamosi ya nanenane kwenye utambulisho wa kikundi kipya cha singeli 3G watatumbuiza nyimbo zao mpya za singeli.Burudani itaambatana na show kali kutoka kwa James Mwigune, Capher Simba na DJ Kwame.Mabaharia wote na mamiss kutoka Buza hii shoo ni … Read More

The Art of Creating

Join us for upcoming event from Nafasi Academy “The Art Of creating” presenting Chap chap Workshop, An exhibition called “IN PROCESS.” The event will also include live music and DJ session for the exhibition opening. The exhibition will feature works … Read More

Nafasi Academy | Groundwork (The Build)

Join us this Friday for the premiere of Nafasi Academy – Groundwork (The Build) A short film on the process behind the design/construction/development of the Nafasi Academy for Contemporary Art and Expression Convo and Q+A with the team from 7pm … Read More

Raza Reflections Exhibition

Raza Mohamed is a self-taught Postwar & Contemporary artist born August, 1946 in Tabora, Tanzania. He grew up around Tanga, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar and was educated in Mombasa, Kenya. He participated along the years to an impressive record … Read More

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