“SAA ZA KAZI” (Working Hours) Exhibition

Join us Thursday and Friday as we recognise the artist’s struggle with an exhibition charting the journey of the artist, inch by inch, step by step, dream by dream through the work of our artist members. themed “SAA ZA KAZI” … Read More

Tukutane Nafasi: Imagined Encounters

We’re excited to invite you to our next edition of Tukutane Nafasi this Saturday, 3 April @ 6pm for the official exhibition opening of IMAGINED ENCOUNTERS, featuring work by South Korean contemporary art collective BANG & LEE and 9 artists, … Read More

“Another Time” | Virtual Reality Exhibition

Nafasi Art Space is pleased to invite you to the exhibition Another Time, an interactive Virtual Reality Exhibition of artists from 6 continents, showcasing artwork made during a period of quarantine or self isolation. All artists exhibiting in Another Time are part of the ‘Quarantine Residency’ project, an experimental online residency program connecting … Read More


Enter the void with us. Witness what’s never been seen before. Join us for OTHER WORLDLY. 6pm. 20 September. Nafasi Art Space — Hii itakuwa haina mfano….ungana nasi kweyne onyesho ya OTHER WORDLY. Saa 12 tarehe 20 September. Nafasi Art … Read More